Various certification SMPS 12W

Short Description:

Input Voltage Range:  100-240Vac
Input Frequency:  50/60Hz
Input Current Range: 0.3A
AC Leakage Current: ≤0.25mA

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Output Spec

12W AU plug USB  / 12W US plug USB  / 12W EU plug USB / 12W UK plug USB / 12W CN plug USB

Model Output    Voltage (V) Output   Current (A) Max       Power (W)
AK12WG Series     (Class II) 5 0.01-2.40 12

Output Spec.(strip Line)

12W AU plug / 12W US plug / 12W EU plug / 12W UK plug / 12W CN plug

Model Output    Voltage (V) Output   Current (A) Max       Power (W)
AK12WG Series     (Class II) 5.0-7.4 0.01-2.10 10.5
7.5-8.9 0.01-1.40 10.5
9.0-9.9 0.01-1.33 12
10.0-15.0 0.01-1.20 12
15.1-19.9 0.01-0.79 12
20.0-24.0 0.01-0.60 12

Electronic materials refer to materials used in electronic technology and microelectronics technology, including dielectric materials, semiconductor materials, piezoelectric and ferroelectric materials, conductive metals and their alloy materials, magnetic materials, optoelectronic materials, electromagnetic wave shielding materials and other related materials Material. Electronic materials are the material basis for the development of modern electronics industry and science and technology, and at the same time are technology-intensive disciplines in the field of science and technology.

It involves multidisciplinary knowledge such as electronic technology, physical chemistry, solid-state physics and technological foundation. According to the chemical properties of materials, it can be divided into metal electronic materials, electronic ceramics, polymer electronics, glass dielectrics, mica, gas insulating dielectric materials, inductors, insulating materials, magnetic materials, electronic hardware, electrical ceramic materials, shielding materials, Piezoelectric crystal materials, electronic fine chemical materials, electronic light construction textile materials, electronic tin solder materials, PCB manufacturing materials, and other electronic materials.

Environmental Spec

Operating Temperature:  0~40 ºC
Storage Temperature:  -20~80 ºC
Relative Humidity:  10%~90%
Altitude during operation:  5000M
Ripple Noise:  ≤200mVp
Hold-up Time:  5 sec. min. @230Vac input, full load
Turn-on Delay: 3 sec. max. @115Vac
Line Regulation:  ±2%
Load Regulation:  ±5%


1 year warranty service
Efficiency Level: VI
Surge: 1-4KV
Dielectric strength Hi-Pot: 3750Vac/1 minutes
Drop test: 1 Corner, 3 Edges, 6 Surfaces each once. Drop on the cement plane, Height: 100cm


OVP: The power supply will auto recovered when faults removed
SCP: Output can be shorted without damage, and auto recovery
OTP: No damage, no deformation
OCP: The power supply will be auto recovered after over current faults removed
MTBF: 50Khrs min. at 25 ºC at full load Approx.
EMC: FCC Class B, CISPR22 Class B, GB17625, EN55032, EN55014, EN55015, EN55020, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
Weight: Max. 0.045kg, 288pcs/Box


60065: CB CE GS
62368: CB CE GS
61558: CB CE GS PSE
61347: CB CE GS PSE


What certifications have you passed?

The company possess ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates.

How about the production process?

Established and improved the work post responsibility system, formulate or revise and strictly implement all operation procedures in time, and observe the production discipline.

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