Standard rated power supply 48W

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Input Voltage Range: 100-240Vac

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input Current Range: 1A

AC Leakage Current: ≤0.25mA

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Basic Parameter

Ripple Noise: ≤200mVp
Hold-up Time: 5 sec. min. @230Vac input, full load
Turn-on Delay: 3 sec. max. @115Vac
Line Regulation: ±2%
Load Regulation: ±5%

Operating Temperature: 0~40 ºC
Storage Temperature: -20~80 ºC
Relative Humidity: 10%~90%
Altitude during operation: 5000M


Specification parameters

48W AU plug / 48W US plug / 48W EU plug / 48W UK plug / 48W CN plug / 48W interchangeable plug / 48W desktop 2PIN / 48W desktop 3PIN

Model Output    Voltage (V) Output   Current (A) Max       Power (W)
AK48WG Series     (Class II) 9.0-10.0 0.01-4.50 48
10.1-18.0 0.01-4.0 48
18.1-27.0 0.01-2.0 48

Rated power

The speed of electric energy conversion is actually the rated power of the power supply. It means the maximum energy that the power supply can convert per unit time. The greater the power, the better, but the more powerful the power supply is, the more expensive it is. We don’t need to be 200 watts. Buy a 400-watt power supply for your computer configuration

LOAD REGULATION (LOAD REGULATION) The change of the power supply load will cause the change of the power supply output. The load increases and the output decreases. On the contrary, the load decreases and the output increases. The output change caused by the load change of a good power supply is minimized, usually the index is 3%~5%.

The load regulation rate is an indicator to measure the quality of the power supply. The voltage drop of a good power supply is small when the output is connected to the load.


When the input voltage does not change and the load changes from zero to the rated value, the output voltage changes. Usually expressed as a percentage.

Basic Content

1 year warranty service
Efficiency Level: VI
Surge: 1-4KV
Dielectric strength Hi-Pot: 3750Vac/1 minutes
Drop test: 1 Corner, 3 Edges, 6 Surfaces each once. Drop on the cement plane, Height: 100cm


OVP: The power supply will auto recovered when faults removed
SCP: Output can be shorted without damage, and auto recovery
OTP: No damage, no deformation
OCP: The power supply will be auto recovered after over current faults removed
MTBF: 50Khrs min. at 25 ºC at full load Approx.
EMC: FCC Class B, CISPR22 Class B, GB17625, EN55032, EN55014, EN55015, EN55020, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
Weight: Max. 0.245kg, 60pcs/Box


60065: CB CE GS
61558: CB CE GS PSE


Scope of application

AC / DC switching power supply is called an external power supply, AC / DC power adapter, (switching power Switching Power Supply), is a power supply voltage conversion device for small portable electronic devices and electronic appliances, which converts 100-240V AC voltage to electrical appliances DC mode for equipment normal work.
48W-65W, a power supply and charger that are medium power, such as laptop charger, outdoor emergency energy storage equipment charger, and now very popular Type C PD charger, electric bicycle charger, lithium battery charging .





Strict packaging process

Improve packaging quality.  According to the characteristics of the product, the packaging standards should be formulated, and the packaging and inspection should be carried out strictly according to the standards. If the product packaging is not qualified, it must be reworked.  To constantly improve the product decoration, to achieve beautiful and generous results

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