Fast charging mobile power solution provider analyzes which fast charging technology is better for you

Let us first look at the physical formula that determines the charging efficiency: energy W (can be act as battery capacity) = power P × time T; power P = voltage U × current I, so it can be seen that in the case of a certain battery capacity , The size of the power determines the speed of the charging time; the greater the power, the shorter the charging time. According to the formula power P=voltage U×current I, it can be easily concluded that if you want to increase the charging speed and reduce the charging time, you can achieve it in the following three ways:

1. Increase the current under the condition of constant voltage;   

2, increase the voltage while the current is constant;   

3, the voltage and current can be increased at the same time to realize fast charging.

For the relationship between power, current and voltage, we can make a simple analogy. This is like pouring water into a bathtub. Increasing the voltage and current is like increasing the water output per unit time and the water flow rate. When one or both of the parameters are improved, the water filling efficiency is naturally improved, and the bathtub is quickly filled. The speed of filling with water (full charge) will also be significantly improved. At present, many manufacturers’ fast charging solutions rely on voltage increase (or at the same time increase the output voltage and current) to achieve.

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Post time: Aug-26-2021